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Company Overview - Leader in Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant was established in India in 2002. The goal was to deliver world-class hair transplant services in India to aid those who were suffering from hair loss and baldness and restore their confidence and self-esteem. With new scientific procedures and a team of skilled physicians, Natural Hair Plants in Kannur, Kerala was able to provide excellent hair transplants in Kerala. Natural Hair Plants is a promising endeavor in Kerala, as a fresh face from an established organization, giving the best services in treating baldness and hair loss using the most current methods and technology.Natural Hair Plant is the excellent solution if you're looking for skilled, dependable, and inexpensive hair transplant services in Kerala.

Our Featured Hair & Skin Treatment

Worrying about the hair you lose everyday? It is time to move on to the next step. Just get it fixed if you have started losing your confidence along with your hair. We use latest technologies for hair fixing treatments, leaving our customers happy and satisfied after completing the treatment. Get your hair fixed in the area of problem, and walk in style through the crowd.

Hair loss can also be experienced as a result of high dose medications like chemotherapy, radiation, hypothyroidism etc. The best solution found for the hair loss treatment so far is hair transplantation. It is a surgical technique in which hair follicles are removed from one part of the body,called the ‘donor site’ and grafted to the balded area, called the ‘recipient site’. In this procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are transplanted to the bald scalp. Bio-FUT and Direct FUE are the techniques used as the best solution for hair loss treatment.

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Natural Hair Plant offers permanent hair fixing at an affordable rate for common people. Permanent hair fixing means, the hair cannot be removed from your body and which look just like your natural hair. We offer practical solutions for hair loss using revolutionary scientific techniques. Cutting edge techniques like Bio-FUT and Direct-FUE are being used by the experts in Natural Hair Plants.

Surgical hair transplant surgery is a simple, outpatient procedure. Hair transplantation surgery works to replace or restore one’s lost hair and hairline. If hair loss is minimal, you can try prescription medications to prevent it.

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Skin problems and ageing have become quite common because of the hectic lifestyles we lead, genes and other environmental conditions. Different types of methods are available to solve problems like wrinkles, acne, fine lines and other skin diseases which help individuals rejuvenate their skin to a great extent.

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