5 Tips for Male Hair Transplant Aftercare

Hair transplant is an invasive hair loss treatment which is performed in order to add more hair follicles to the area of the head that is thinning or balding. The follicles are collected from another part of the scalp or another part of the body which has more hair follicles. They are transplanted either through FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) or FUE (follicular unit extraction).

A surgeon provides each patient with an aftercare plan after the male hair transplant. It is essential to follow these instructions to a tee in order to avoid any complications in the future.

  1. Activities to Avoid for the First Few Days

It is essential to avoid the following activities for the first few days after transplantation of hair.

  • Scratching at the wound
  • Strenuous activities (bending, lifting, manual labour or sports)
  • Heat, cold or sweating since they may interfere with healing
  • Going outdoors unless emergency
  • Covering the head when indoor
  • Washing the site of transplant
  • Consumptions of aspirin or alcohol
  • Forceful blowing of the nose since the wound may start bleeding
  1. Sleeping Semi-Upright

It is essential to keep the head elevated to at least 45 degrees when sleeping for the first few days after natural hair transplant in order to keep the pressure off the site of transplant or grafting. You may use a neck pillow or may sleep on your side in order to avoid the swelling.

  1. Ice or Steam Application

You may have a little bit of swelling at the grafting site after the hair transplant. This is natural and may occur on the third or fourth day after surgery. However, you have to avoid putting ice directly onto the grafting site or to the site of transplant. You may put ice above the eyebrows to prevent swelling. It is equally important to avoid steam bath for two weeks after procedure.

  1. Washing of Hair

A doctor will ask you to avoid washing the hair for 3-4 days after the transplant. You have to follow these tips when washing your hair for the first time after the procedure.

  • Gently pour water on your head
  • Use a mild shampoo as per dermatologist’s prescription and gently rub the scalp
  • Dry the hair thoroughly by gently dabbing the scalp using clean towels
  1. Application of Topical Solutions

After the hair transplant for male, a dermatologist may ask a patient to put aloe-vera gel or sterile saline solution at the site of procedure. A dermatologist may even prescribe a softening cream to prevent flaking of the scalp after the hair-transplant. It is essential to follow these instructions and to avoid using anything on the scalp without consulting with the doctor.