Can Diabetes Affect Your Hair?

The natural process of hair growth and loss of hair is interrupted if you are suffering from diabetes as it slows down hair growth and regrowth. Hair thinning due to this reason can be quite severe and this is the reason that many diabetes patients have to opt for hair loss treatment.

People who are suffering from diabetes are also more susceptible to the hair condition called alopecia aerate. This is a male and female pattern of baldness and usually, people who are genetically prone to this problem are more likely to become bald. This condition can also be treated at the best clinic for hair treatment.

Of course, you know that diabetes is an incurable ailment and this is the reason why you need to look for permanent solutions to your hair loss problem. Female hair transplantation can provide both genders with a permanent solution to alopecia aerate.

If you have diabetes but are not affected by alopecia, you may still face the problem of excessive hair fall. This is because people with diabetes have lower than normal levels of an enzyme called biotin.

This enzyme occurs naturally in some foods like peanuts, sweet potatoes, almonds, eggs, etc. If you wish to stop hair fall due to low biotin levels, then you can take oral supplements of biotin. This may slow down the process of hair fall to a great extent.

Even the medicines prescribed for diabetes can cause hair loss problems. Hence you should make sure that when you learn you have diabetes, you should start taking care of your hair. However, if the problem is severe, then you may have to opt for hair transplantation.

Usually, the hair and skin clinics in Kannur, Kerala, and elsewhere provide treatment for both hair loss and skin problems. These clinics are run by qualified professionals and with their help, you can get a cure for the problem of alopecia or regular hair loss.