Do’s and don’ts after hair transplant

Hair transplant is a long lasting and best solution for hair loss. Usually, people who belong to southern states like Kerala usually enjoy lustrous manes but nowadays even they are suffering from hair fall issues. This is the reason good hair transplantation clinics have come up in different places in Kerala.

Other than restoring the texture and thickness of your hair a good hair transplant will also give you a look of fuller head of hair. The precautions that you need to follow before and after hair transplantation are simple and follow common sense. Let us look at some of them.

Pre-operative care before hair transplant

Avoid consumption of blood thinners like aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines before the operation. Do not take steroids or apply creams containing cortisone because the chances of bleeding will increase. Maintain the proper hygiene before and after the hair transplant operation.

A day before the operation, you should get sufficient sleep, do not apply any hair grooming or styling products like hair spray or styling gels. It is also necessary to take any medicine prescribed by doctor.

On the day of the operation you should avoid any strenuous activity like running jogging etc. Eat a light breakfast while cutting down on caffeine.

Post-operative care after hair transplant

Just like any other surgical procedure, it is necessary to take some precautions after hair transplant. For instance, you will be required to take some oral medicines and use some topical medicines. Make sure to discuss post-operative care with your skin clinic doctor if you are already taking any strong medicines and whether they are OTC or prescription medicines.

You should wash the donor as well as the recipient area a few times. It will be necessary to wear overnight bandages to keep the donor and recipient area clear. However, you should avoid the usage of any strong shampoos etc. on both the areas.