Hair Loss: Types, Common Causes and Treatment

Stress, lack of nutrition, wrong lifestyle, genetics there are several factors contributing towards hair fall, one of the most common issues aesthetic impacting men and women alike. The most common type of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness also known as alopecia areata. Of course, there are other types of hair loss in men with different causes and treatment. However aerate is the most common and the hair loss treatment including hair transplant treatments is quite simple and affordable.

As far as female hair loss treatment is concerned that too is as simple as that for men. However other than topical and partially invasive treatments, women may have to undergo hormonal treatment. Pattern baldness in both men and women is noticeable during a person’s teens and the sooner the treatment the better will be the result.

Another type of hair loss is frontal fibrosing alopecia which can be recognized due to loss of eyebrows and receding hair line. In case you notice the signs and symptoms of this type of hair loss, you should immediately make way for a good, reputable hair and skin clinic.

Methods for hair loss treatment

Common methods of hair fall treatment like hair transplant if done by an expert can provide permanent to semi-permanent treatment for treating hair loss. At the same time, there are many simple and topical treatment which are available over the counter. Even with these treatments it is advisable to consult hair and skin expert.

Hair loss clinic

Hair treatment clinics are the best solution for hair fall. Search for a clinic with an experienced staff and state of the art technology for the treatment that works best for you. A good clinic offering cosmetic or even therapeutic treatment to their patient will make sure that their customers hair loss issues are successfully addressed and the patient is well taken care of and satisfied.

All in all, while undergoing hair loss treatment it is necessary to maintain a positive attitude. This is why you should opt for online reviews and testimonials so that you will know what to expect.