How Hair Loss Affects Self-Esteem

Hair loss is a problem occurring mainly due to genetic factors and ageing. However, other factors like certain medical conditions and treatments, malnutrition, or some ailments can also cause it. This is the reason that both men and women opt for hair treatment in Kannur or elsewhere.

If you face hair loss or know anyone else who does, then you will have noticed the drastic effect that this problem can have on the self-esteem of a person. The problem can go deeper with some sensitive people and take the form of depression, anxiety and other emotional conditions.

Hair is associated with vitality, virility, and beauty which is why women feel they are not beautiful and men can experience loss of sexual vitality due to hair loss. Of course, hair loss is normal after a certain age. But people who face this problem at an early age experienced a higher impact on their self-esteem. This is the reason that people facing this problem opt for hair transplantation.

Natural hair transplant Kannur and elsewhere is becoming popular due to these factors associated with hair loss. If you want to deal with hair loss is a permanent manner then it

is advisable to take the opinion of a hair specialist. They will advise you regarding the dietary and topical treatments along with hair transplantation. That will ensure that you have a head full of hair at any age.

Follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplant is the most commonly used method for hair transplantation. This is a method that provides very good results without too much pain and hassle. Usually, the professionals who deal with hair loss also treat skin problems.

Hence if you want to deal with both problems then you can opt for a hair and skin clinic in Kannur or elsewhere. Skin and Hair treatment in Kannur or elsewhere can deal with the impact on your self-esteem due to loss of hair.