How to Style Your Eyebrows after a Transplant

The eyebrow transplantation is a more delicate procedure in comparison to the hair transplantation. It requires precise placement of each hair follicle at pre-specified points of the eyebrow. The follicles are extracted from the back of the neck or legs. The natural growth of hair is shorter at these areas. There is no need to remove the larger patches of hair. Each follicle is transplanted one by one to ensure that the shape and thickness of the eyebrow arch looks natural.The transplanted hair of the eyebrow behaves differently from the naturally occurring eyebrow hair. Their growth mimics the growth of the scalp hair. Therefore, you have to put more effort in order to ensure that the eyebrow looks well groomed and in shape. According to the specialists of the best clinic for eyebrow transplantation, you have to wait for the re-growth of the transplanted hair before planning to trim or shape the eyebrow.

  • After the transplantation, a layer of crusting develops over the transplanted hair. It fades away along with any sign of redness or swelling a few days after the transplantation.

The transplanted hair falls off a few weeks after the surgery. The new hair starts growing a few months after the surgery. You may have to wait for a year in order to notice the desired outcome.

Trimming of Transplanted Hair

The specialists of the best hair transplantation clinic know how to properly transplant the hair so that they grow in a pattern that resembles the growth of natural eyebrows. However, the hair of natural eyebrow stops growing after becoming about half-inch in length or shorter. The transplanted hair will keep growing similar to the scalp hair until they are trimmed. Therefore, you have to frequently trim the transplanted hair of the eyebrow.

Plucking & Shaping

According to the hair transplant specialists of the skin clinic in Kannur, Kerala, you have to wait for a few months after the surgery before plucking the eyebrow hair. The transplanted hair can be styled similar to the hair of natural eyebrow once they have fully grown. You are free to use a brow comb or brow pencil. However, you have to be careful when plucking any stray hair.