Reasons To Quit Alcohol Before And After A Hair Transplant

These days men and women who experience permanent hair loss due to any reason genetic or otherwise opt for hair transplantation. Some clinics provide treatment for hair loss and these treatments include hair transplants.Hair transplant is successful as a hair loss treatment in almost all cases of permanent hair loss. However, there are some precautions to be taken before and after the transplant surgery and the main precaution is abstinence from alcohol. Doctors in the best clinic for hair transplants advise patients to quit alcohol before and after the hair transplant surgery.

Effect of alcohol consumption on hair transplant surgery

The best hair transplant clinics will explain the repercussions of consuming alcohol before and after the surgery. When a person drinks alcohol, the blood flow accelerates. In this situation, there may be bleeding during the surgery. This is detrimental not just to the success of the surgery but also to the health of the scalp if you want to avoid infections.

Some skin wounds occur during the hair loss treatment of transplant. If you intake alcohol immediately after the surgery then it may interfere with the healing of the wounds. The wounds will take more time to heal and may lead to infections.

Whether it is male or female hair transplantation alcohol intake can also interfere with the effect of the local anesthesia administered during the transplant surgery. Even after then surgery the sensation may return after the surgery and patients may start feeling pain. It can also make it necessary to administer a larger dose of anesthetic and this, in turn, may cause undesirable effects on the body.

Hence in both female and male hair transplantation surgery in many hairs and skin clinic in Kannur, Kerala or elsewhere, you should quit alcohol before and after the surgery. Discuss the time limit with your doctor and take alcohol only when the doctor permits.