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About Natural Hair Plants - Best Hair Transplant Clinic, Kerala

Natural Hair Plants is a leading pioneer in the field of hair loss treatments and skin care in India. With our roots in Kerala and an expert team of doctors dedicated to restore your confidence back, we pride in being the only hair and skin clinic in India that provides advanced and state-of-the-art services in curing all kinds of hair loss treatments that includes hair thinning, hair loss due to various problems like male/female pattern baldness, Alopecia and Telogen effluvium by natural means. We have also created a center of excellence in the field of skin care by providing efficient and modern treatment for allergies to severe forms of eczema, leprosy, skincare treatments like chemical peeling, skin rejuvenation, Botox, thread lift etc.

Services we offer

Our popular services include:

  1. Various Hair Transplant Techniques like:
  • Bio-FUT- Bio follicular unit transplantation which utilizes transplant of follicular units from your body.
  • Direct FUE- as the name suggests, direct FUE transplants include transplantation of individual follicular units one by one without any time delay in between extractions and transplantation.
  • Direct BHT- a method of body hair transplantation that uses body hair in combination with scalp hair in treatment.
  • BCEB- A highly enhanced technique where grafts are kept immersed in a special fluid extracted from your blood.
  • NS-FUE- or no shave FUE where you don’t have to get the target area shaved.

Our treatments not just include hair loss treatment for male and hair loss treatment for female but also eyebrow, moustache and beard hair transplantation.

  1. Skin care treatments include:
  • Skin rejuvenation- from laser and light treatments to chemical peels and injectable, we have a cure for acne, scars, pigmentation, wrinkles and premature ageing.
  • Chemical peels- from salicylic acid, glycolic acid to modified jessners, we have the right treatment to help your skin glow!

At NHP our biggest aim is to provide an unbeatable and affordable service to patients from all over India. With thousands of successful stories and happy clients, we continue to grow and put back the lost smile and confidence on the faces of our clients, which is also the reason why choosing us won’t disappoint you. With our primary institution in Kannur, Kerala, we also serves to the people who lives in nearby areas of Malabar, Kasargod, Kozhikode & all over India.